In which Oona leaves the city under the pebble

“In which Oona leaves the city under the pebble” is my studio art senior thesis project. This narrative series of watercolor illustrations was accompanied by a live performance by Brad Blunt, who “read” his own interpretation of the story. This project is mostly concerned with audience engagement and elevating the idea of illustration to a series of thought gestures that could either be assembled into a story or left on their own.

Oona doesn’t sleep anymore.

Oona reads during recess.

Oona follows the stream through the street.

Oona follows the stream past The Scream.

Oona takes a break and thinks about her existence.

Oona follows the stream beyond her city.

Photo taken during Brad Blunt’s storytelling performance

Panorama of the exhibition space- The Emergency Room Gallery at Rice University

The books just after completion!