“Encounter: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou” was a temporary, site-specific project that expressed an interpretation of the history, economy, resilience, culture, and community values of the East Sector communities, as they relate to the bayou and green spaces. The project was a response to Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s current planning effort along Buffalo Bayou’s East Sector (East End and Fifth Ward communities) which seeks to establish a pioneering precedent where green space can be a catalyst for inclusive growth and community development.

“Encounter: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou” included a proposal exhibition of installation proposals at Sunset Coffee Building on December 4th, 2017 and a public event of installations and participatory activities on April 7, 2018.

For this project, I designed a set of large-scale modular wooden toys that reference the proximity of heavy industry to the community’s public space. These toys are a part of my ongoing research on embedding narratives in moments of spontaneous play.

Scale drawing of toy components

Scale models and proposal board from the ENCOUNTER proposal exhibition at Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Original render of the toys at the Watco site (before our site was moved to Tony Marron Park)